Our services are designed to provide you with a complete and cost-effective back-office solution so that you can focus on growing your business.

We are a weekly taxes & bookkeeping service working in real-time. You will be communicating with the same full bookkeeper daily by instant Messenger, Email or Phone.


Streamline your financial management with our professional bookkeeping services, ensuring accurate record-keeping, timely reporting, and comprehensive financial insights for your business.

  • Bookkeeping $100/hour

  • Bookkeeping Assistant: Rush jobs $75/hour

  • Tax Planning $100/hour

  • IRS audits and appeals: Payroll Service $150/hour

Add ons

• Prepare bank account reconciliation
• Record individual credit card purchase transactions
• Prepare credit-card reconciliation
• Prepare month-end adjusting and closing journal entries
• Prepare sales tax return


1. Does your business hold inventory?

2. How many bank accounts do you have for your business?

3. How many total business expenses do you incur in a month? (Include all written checks, credit card charges, and cash expenses)

4. Does your business send out invoices or statements daily, weekly or monthly?

5. Does your business require monthly reports for sales taxes, quarterly 941 reports for payroll?

6. Does your company provide 1099, W-2 & end of the year reporting?

7. Do you need catch-up bookkeeping? If so, how many months of bookkeeping do you need us to catch-up? (If you have not done proper bookkeeping thus far this year)

8. Are you interested in our payroll service? If so, how many employees do you pay?

Tax Services

Maximize your tax savings and ensure compliance with our reliable and comprehensive tax services, offering expert guidance, accurate preparation, and timely filing for individuals and businesses.

  • Individual Income Tax returns 1040 $150

  • Schedule A $50

  • Schedule B $25

  • Schedule C $75

  • Schedule D $40

  • Schedule E Rental $75

  • Additional/Other States(each) $50

  • Corporate (1120 & 11205) LLC $600+

  • Partnerships Trust $350

  • Additional States (each) $60

  • Form 3115 (Acctg Method Change) $150

  • Form 3903 (Moving Expenses) $30

  • Form 4137 (Misc Tips) $25

  • Form 4684 (Casualty Loss) $35

  • 1040X (Amended Tax Return) $200

  • New client(8821/Transcripts)$250

  • Form 4868(Extension) $50

  • Schedule E(p2) Royalty $75

  • Form 1045(NOL Carryback) $125

  • Form 1098T(Education Credit) $25

  • Form 1116(Foreign Tax Credit) $30

  • Form 2106(Job Related Expenses) $35

  • Form 2555(Foreign Earned Income) $50

  • Form 2441(Childcare Credit) $25

  • Form 6251(AMT Tax) $100

  • Form 6252(Installment Sales) $100

  • Form 8824(1031 Exchange) $250

  • Form (Alt Motor Vehicle Credit) $25

  • Form 982 (Debt Forgiveness Worksheet) $125